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Navigating the world of social media management, marketing, content creation and post scheduling often feels like challenging and considerable work. Posting to a diverse range of social media platforms takes time, effort technical expertise and an understanding of which platforms your target audience frequent. This all takes away from your valuable time spent growing your business.

With MSB Solutions’ Social Media Management service, we work with our clients to design a tailored digital strategy that effectively aligns with and represents their brand.


One Place To Stay Social

Social Media Management provides your business access to our easy-to-use business planning tool to curate content, schedule posts, analyse engagement, enhance a positive public image, brand scaling and prospective customers.

MSB Solutions streamlines the process with our content scheduling system enabling our team to convey your brand story with aesthetic appeal across multiple social media platforms and accounts, from one place, at the click of a button. Your access credentials allow you to visually review your content before we publish.


Generate Social Leads

Social Media Management enables businesses to build deeper relationships with customers and a community that supports your brand. MSB conducts frequent testing and analyses of new content types and hashtags in identifying the optimum strategy for your business to engage existing customers. Including keyword configuration searches and geotargeting that intrigues the attention of your target audience and generates new leads.


Content Creation Is The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Practice

Social media management and social marketing requires consistency, relevant content and an engaging story. Information persuades people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act. MSB Solutions helps businesses create a powerful story that appeals to your audience.

In order to produce quality content MSB implements our 3 E’s Strategy: Entertain, Educate and Emotion.

MSB Solutions has a network of content and copy writers to create interesting and challenging content for your business’s target audience to engage new and existing customers on your brand’s behalf.


Photos Tell Powerful Stories

Consider the cliché “a picture tells a thousand words.” It’s not a cliché because it’s untrue – if anything, it’s too true. Creating high quality content without the magnet pull of creative visual imagery is a recipe for disaster. The visual element is often the most powerful marketing strategy at your disposal.

MSB Solutions works with Adelaide and Brisbane based digital photographers and videographers to streamline the process for a dynamic flow that benefits our clients. Capturing your audience’s attention with fascinating images because they frequently won’t read a thousand words.


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