The Importance of SEO.

SEO is crucial to maintain equal online search results. Google uses 200+ search factors for ranking websites. Google’s algorithm and ranking systems are designed to determine which websites deserve to rank at the top of every search inquiry using its search engine.

Consider that Google currently dominates 86% of the search engine market and 75% of people never navigate past the first page of search engines. This is why SEO is essential to online success! SEO is the means to making your business appear in the first few pages of a search engine’s results list. Incorporated with an appealing website design, improved user experience and hard work corresponds with higher search engine rankings. Giving you a competitive advantage.


Research & Strategy – Keywords Matter.

Keyword Research refers to short descriptive phrases that help browsers find your website on search engines. Identifying the right keyword choices is the focus of the entire SEO optimisation process. Taking into consideration keyword search popularity, relevance, paid and organic (competitive) difficulty, as well as keyword density, location of keywords, site structure, inbound links – not only is it tedious, it can be overwhelming and time consuming.

MSB Solutions takes the stress out of SEO, allowing you to focus on running your business and the more important things. Your competitors are always trying to outrank you. With MSB’s proven research & strategy techniques we keep your website SEO optimised – always keeping you and your business one step ahead.


SEO Audit – Big Journeys begin with Optimisation.

An SEO Audit is a crucial first step to understanding your websites performance issues and what measures are needed to reinforce the search engine optimisation process. Providing a comprehensive analysis and report of technical errors, broken links, site speed, duplicate content, crawl errors, 301 redirects, as well as various other metrics and indexes that are negatively impacting your website’s search engine rankings – and by extension – customer traffic.

MSB Solutions’ Complete SEO Audit is the most efficient and quickest method to determine a site’s issues and how to aggressively boost your search engine ranking. Resolving the errors found in a SEO audit is frequently sufficient to significantly boost overall discoverability and organic traffic.


SEO Analytics – Measuring the Success of your Work.

Using your marketing data, SEO analytics enables us to develop actionable SEO improvements. Rather than manually tracking singular metrics – like ranking or organic search traffic – by using SEO Dashboard software, MSB Solutions provides you with a real-time interface that displays the focal points of your SEO campaign. Allowing you to track and monitor multiple KPIs to determine how effective your strategy is, the areas that are performing well, issues that need resolving and solutions to fix them.

MSB’s SEO Analytics service converts a complicated process into a simple solution to strategically manage your business’s budget and boost your Return on Investment.


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