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If you’ve added the section ‘Image with Text Overlay’ with a ‘First Button Label’ i.e. ‘Shop Now’.

The button doesn’t sit correctly on the image, but positions the button below the image, which in some cases doesn’t look so good.

To fix this issue we will need to make some slight changes to the themes code. Please make a backup of the code by copying and pasting into Notepad++ for easy visibility.

Download here to install Notepad++

Log in as a store admin
Click and expand Online Store
Click Themes
Click Actions for a drop down menu then click Edit code
Scroll Down to find ‘Sections’ (Underneath Templates)
Find and select image-with-text-overlay.liquid
Add the below code above the first line

To change the colour of the button edit the below code
background-color: black !important;
color: white !important;
border-color:black !important;
You will notice the button is now sitting correctly on the image, but there is a blank white space which needs filling
Scroll down and find styles.scss.liquid under assets
Add this code above the first line
@media only screen and (max-width:550px)
margin-top:-65px !important;

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